Performance Archive

An exhibition about material in Performance Art
formed by E.P.I. Zentrum Cologne and Sibylle Ettengruber MAERZ-Gallery Linz and more than 80 artists around the world.

The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie
venue: Künstlervereinigung MAERZ,
place: Eisenbahngasse 20, Austria - 4020 Linz
date: 8. May till 14. June 2013 / Tu. - Fr. 3:00 – 6:00 pm / Sa. 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Three different currents are to unify in this presentation.
The first one is the infinite multiplicity of what material is and can be, and the second one shows up in the question of what and how material appears and the third stream forms itself in the multiplicity of the applicable regulations.
Which structure of order is the most sensible production of meaning and how the existing material enters into a transfer and combination will be seen. The structural limitation is the body of people acting and in this case especially the visible part. Mental - and physical - and energetic views are kept back for further presentations and outsourced here. The diagrammatic exhibition brings together about 80 artists from around the world. These have sent documentary material from their own works and their practice of performance and life art. Photos, texts and relics form the body of the exhibition.
Contrapuntal these materials will be grouped into ethnographic and anthropological photographical views of human action.
Reasonable is an incompleteness , which is also due to the vitality of the human body, and the vitality and momentum of the material.

participating Artists:
Afrizal Malna, Agnes Nedregard, Alvaro Terrones, Anais Heraud, Antoni Karwowski, Aris Spentsas, Arkadi Laydie Lachapelle, Balint Szombathy ART, Beate Linne, Beatrice Didier, Betty Wimmer, Carola Willbrand, Charles Kaltenbacher, Christina Georgiou, Claudia Hochedlinger, Claudia Czimek, Clemente Padin, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer – Smith, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Dominik Lipp, Domix Garrido, Elisa Andessner, Elisabeth Steger, Elke Mark, Emilio Morandi, Eric Audrey, Evamaria Schaller, Fernando Aguiar, Fried Rosenstock, Gisela Hochuli, Hansjörg Koefler, Herma Auguste Wittstock, Inari Virmakoski, Juda Freya Sibayan, Judith Price, Julien Blaine, Karin Meiner, Katrina Muri, Keike Twisselmann, Kirsten Justesen, Liliane Zumkemi, Mar Shro, Mariel Carranza, Marita Bullmann, Marita Fox, Michal Murin, Mongkol Plienbangchang, Myriam Laplante, Nicola Frangione, Noah Warsaw, Pascale Ciapp, Paula Tella, Melati Suryodarmo, Ralf Filges + Oralapostel, Ralf Peters, Ranzenhofer Christoph, + Joa Iselin = Port Rouge, Raoul Marek, Rebecca Weeks + Ian Whitford, Regina Fiz, Ria Pacquée, Rod Summers, Sandra Johnston, Sassu Antonio, Schmittgruppe 31 Jutta Schmitt, Shaun Cato, Sibylle Ettengruber, Silvio de Gracia, Sinead O'Donnell, Skip Arnold, Smitha Cariappa, Snezana Golubovic, Sophia Greff, SU-EN + Gunnar H. Stening, Thomas Zollinger, Tomasz Ruller, Valentin Verhaeghe / Montaigne Froid Michel Collet / Montaign Froid, Yann Marussich.




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