Inter Art Actuel et Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel, Quebec, 1998 [Text 2001]

This text is the result of a conference held in Quebec, Montreal, between October 20-25, 1998. Papers were presented by artists, curators, historians and critics from throughout the world covering topics such as: Happenings, Fluxus, Intermedia, Zaj, Body Art. Action Poetry, Actionnisme Viennois, Performance, Arte Accion, Sztuka Performance, Performans, and Akcio Muveszet.

Participants by country included: Felipe Ehrenberg (Mexico), Laszlo Beke (Hungray), Victor Munoz (Latin America), Michal Murin and Gabor Hushegyi (Slovakia), Lukasz Guzek (Poland), Balint Szombathy (Yougoslavia), as well as Pierre Restany and Dick Higgins among many others. The text is dedicated to Dick Higgins who died during the conference in Quebec soon after giving a performance piece "Danger Music No. 2 at the Le Lieu performance space, a performance piece that involves screaming as loud as possible for as long as possible.

Considering the nearly exhaustive list of artists mentioned in the many papers delivered during the conference, including artists from thoughout the world, the following list will concentrate on those artists from Eastern Europe and Latin America mentioned.


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