Altruism as Art & Concert & Book Die / Der Würfel / Le dé (III)
Saturday, March 17, 2012, 8 pm

Milan Adamčiak, Michal Murin & The Pfaff Brothers
eingeladen von / invited by Rita Vitorelli & Christian Kobald

Ein Konzert der / A Concert by the TRANSMUSIC COMP. (Milan Adamčiak, Michal Murin)
Altruismus als Kunst / Altruism As Art
Ein Künstlergespräch von / an artists' talk by Michal Murin & Milan Adamčiak
»Archive I«
Ein Buch über Milan Adamčiaks experimentelle Dichtung 1964–72 / a book on Adamčiak's experimental poetry 1964–72 von / by Michal Murin

The Pfaff Brothers
Food, Perfume, and …
Die / Der Würfel / Le dé: Sixty days. Exhibitions, performances, and lectures. We will realize participations which haven't materialised until now, expedite those which lie in the future, keep our promises, append new theoretical contributions, and ultimately give shape to the exhibition: that of the dispersed gesamtkunstwerk. COCO Bauernmarkt will close following an event on March 28.


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