MEDLEY chloride Symphony

Site-specific installation represents the four swimming styles (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle), which are displayed in a linearly clustered projection tracts, which are pictorially sided- a video art seen from both sides. A particular part of the video is being shown in each of them, where the author himself does a 200 m individual medley.
With each individual style the author-performer-swimmer, by means of his arms makes a different move under the surface of the water. This move is called- swimming chloride body graphics, which are rewritten into four scores and thus create- swimming chloride body scores.
These scores are accompanied by a live or digital musical track. Every musician, every instrument addresses a particular part of the sport score, while the moving time of the swimmer corresponds with the lasting time of the musical track. (time/second). This creates an experimental musical symphony of the body-movement of the swimmer while doing 200 m medley.

butterfly - Jakub Slávik / french horn
backstroke - Michaela Rejdovjanová / clarinet
breaststroke - František Dzubakovský / saxophone
freestyle - Martina Semanová / flute

Medley chloride score - a musical score, which was created by the transcription of the swimmer’s arms with individual styles. This forms a sport score of all the swimming styles, the body music of the swimmer, which is done in time periods. These times are inevitable to maintain the rhythm in the music- acoustic rhythm as well as when doing professional swimming- hydrodynamic rhythm.

butterfly - 7 (time/second)
backstroke - 9,5 (time/second)
breaststroke - 8 (time/second)
freestyle - 5 (time/second)


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