This short video is a synthesis of audio and visual components. Audio component reflects the action of hair removal. The sound is in the regular rhytm of heart beat, because heart as anatomical element draws attention to the human object, man. On the other hand, visual compotnents focused on the reaction, emotion, masculinity removal itself. Man loses hair, the symbol of his masculinity. This is unexpected situation which brings a surprise even to himself.

10. 2010 video Odchl(a)povanie
Nuite blanche, Videoart a videoperformance vo verejnom priestore, Košice, Slovakia
09. 2010 video Odchl(a)povanie
Hodina videoartu, Synagóga, Trenčín, Slovakia
09. 2010 video Odchl(a)povanie
Videoart cinematic, Piešťany, Slovakia
08. 2010 video Odchl(a)povanie
Festival Dokořán, Karviná, Czech Republic


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