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20m predstavuje minútovú videoperformance. Dychové cvičenie na zelenej lúke.

20m symbolizes a minute videoperformance. Breathing exercises from green meadow. Multi-layered response to strong winds, while resistance and fragility of nature.

Dry sarcasm rules this one-minute video of a man trying to blow off the puffy head of a dandelion flower. However, the seeds don't disperse in the wind as one would expect, but a telephone mast in the background starts bending from the current. The work is a comment on the fragility of manmade creations and the resistance of nature.

Director: Lukáš Matejka
videoperformance, colour, Slovak Republic, 2008
Screenplay: Lukáš Matejka
Cinematography: Mirka Majorošová
3D: Marek Galbavý


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