director, camera & director's cut - Jana Pažítková
illustration - Jana Pažítková
supervisor - doc. Miroslav Nicz, akad. mal.
consultant - Juraj Valica ArtD.
special thanks - Tamáš Pásztó, Matej Opálený, Peter Pál & Charlotte Dereix De Laplane
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Short animated movie is narration based on true own story. The main point of this video is dealing with traumatized breakup where love triangle is culminating . Entire story was set in Monthbreton mansion during summer holiday. Principal character is forgetting her painful past and after some time she realized how fool she was. She started to laugh and smile at it and this is the reason why story is romantic parody.
Movie is collection of black and white drawing and coloured pictures. The story is divided into 4 substories where every part have its own point.


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