Jan Kostolansky - Confrontations

Kedy 13.12.13 o 20:00
Kde Espacio-Tiempo Gallery in Gijon, Spain
Link http://https://www.facebook.com/pages/Local/553682261383830?viewer_id=100001963809240
Info Jan Kostolansky (Slovakia) is an intermedia artist dealing with the
critical accent of the contemporary art. He focuses on critical art,
political art and activism, social art. He is working with various media,
such as photography, video, object, performance, drawing, action. He is
an organiser of cultural and artistic events as well.
In 2010-2011 he was a director of the Delta- International Audiovisual
Creation Festival (SK).
The exhibition »Confrontations« in the space-time Local space in Gijon,
is a small sample of the actual creation of the artist who, several weeks
ago, started his ve months artistic stay in Asturias in EAO.
Friday 13th december 2013. 20:00 h.
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