video, sound, color, 8´45´´
camera Peter Pikna

Video is a mini-story rolled into itself that has neither an exact beginning nor an exact end. An important role is being played by “granny´s cakes” and by author´s everyday necessity to take pills, presented as a sort of ritual. The title “Therapy” refers to the connection of the pleasure of eating cakes and the necessity to take pills (pleasant and depressing), and at the same time to the repetition, everydayness, layering, to the process of creation itself. Apart from a basic story line, the associative connections are being revealed: visual interjections, flashes of memories and ideas. Another level is represented by a “look behind the curtain”: moments from a real video-filming, when the author takes or opposes instructions in accordance with her intention. The perception is being “complicated” by changes of locations, interconnections of the aforementioned levels (seemingly real and imaginary) and small playful absurdities (game with pills, “moving” cakes in a car, etc.).

The video is recorded in a special camera regime, using a wide-angle camera lens. This combination stresses the objects in the fore, deforms them optically and creates a picture in circle associating the look into a special eyehole. A certain part of the deformation serves as a substitution model for expressing the boundary between reality and fiction. The original condition of the video, without any adjustments, enriches the scale of expressions with some disturbing elements, which are usually being separated.


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